How the Academy Reduces Scrap Learning

The SFJ Academy Method
We teach a thorough course. We follow an accredited path developed by the manufacturers of the software. SFJ Academy classes are designed to move you from a complete novice to a comfortable beginner. For self taught users we confirm correct techniques and expand your skill-set.

The Principal’s Principle
My goal as an instructor is; that after three days of training, you should be able to go to work the next day and be able to efficiently use the application for productive output.

On that next day, you should not need return to any book, the User’s Guide or a search and session of YouTube video. We use the authorized training material and we follow it closely to cover as many topics as the experience level of our students will allow.

Why SFJ Academy Only Uses Authorized Training Material
The developers of software applications understand their tool. Adobe and Autodesk continue to work with consistent authors like Russel Chun, David Powers, Brie Gyncild, Richard Harrington and Maxim Jago. Books in this series continue to sell because these excellent writers are the closest experts to the expert engineers that developed and continue to develop the software.

As an example, the Adobe Classroom In A Book series typically range from 250 to 375 pages. As your Instructor I consider it my job to cover all of that material and all of those topics. We cover topics thoroughly moving to a solid understanding of typically 100 pages per day.

Don’t Waste Playtime
My classes are serious. These are not popcorn and cotton candy filled days where I provide a fun space to play. We attempt to get the job of learning done. It’s the reason why U.S. Military centers such as The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake (via Ledet), The Missile Command at Vandenberg Air Force Base, The Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow (via roundpeg), Fort Irwin National Training Center (via FMC), Fort Sill’s Cannoneers and the Training Systems at Tinker Air Force Base (via Metrotech) consistently provide high performance marks and satisfied commentary on the required evaluations at the end of every one of their classes.

“Why Can’t I Just Buy The Book?”
Of course you could buy the book and train yourself. If that is how you learn, I highly suggest you save your money and do exactly that. However, in my class you will have time. Time to attack and complete the entire book in three or five days. Time to focus on the topics. Building on elementary skills reinforced by each and every exercise. This provides the challenge of more advanced topics where your skill-set will climb at the end of each day. You will have time to absorb topics reinforced by stronger topics. I always say, “You begin to learn on Tuesday what we covered on Monday”.

Let’s focus. Turn off your phone. Learn a new tool-set. Make your craft stronger. Make your career choice more valuable to the world and those who now want to employ you or respect more deeply your current position.

Good luck and see you in class!

Foster Johnson
The Principle