NVIDIA Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is ready for Prime Time

At Siggraph 2012 I was invited by Adobe to demo their CS6 video production applications running on a what NVIDIA calls NVIDIA VGX Technology. Stationed on the west side of NVIDIA booth (across from Pixar’s Brave theme based booth) we had a Dell Precision R5500 Rack Workstation with 24 gigs of RAM providing the virtualization services and (2) QUADRO K5000s providing the GPU processing and acceleration (in my case) of all Adobe enhanced filters as well as the most robust multiprocessing settings.

These world class applications were passed via a virtual desktop over Ethernet and delivered and controlled via a MacBook Air. With incredibly low latency I was able to manipulate a 3D Ray Traced title element in After Effects (while it utilized all available processor cores on the built-in XEON class processor) while playing four layers of HD video (with multiple effects) on a looping full frame sequence monitor in Adobe Premiere Pro, while also applying a Wide Angle Lens correction effect (also taking advantage of Mercury Playback Engine on board one of the Keplers) in Photoshop.

Cloud Based Video Editing from NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s Cloud Computing Concept called VGX

Theoretically this concept could be delivered to any thin client with support for a Citrux viewer, such as an Assus EEPC or an iPad.

Now, I am not suggesting you edit HD video, build 3D titles and process your wide angle DSLR raw images while riding your two wheeler along a bike path. But it is good to know that you can.


Meet me at Siggraph 2012

This year at Siggraph 2012 brings some exciting new technology I plan to showcase. Adobe Creative Suite 6 Applications show substantial gains in performance when run on platforms that include this years NVIDIA graphics cards.

GPU accelerated features in Photoshop and on to SpeedGrade improve your work efficiency sometimes as much as 13x.

Here’s the breakdown:

For After Effects:
  • Integrated CUDA-based OptiX allows for gpu-accelerated ray tracing which enables 3D beveled and extruded text and shapes to be created directly inside AE at maximum speeds w/out the need for an external animation tool.
  • New 3D motion graphics workflow with NVIDIA Quadro
  • 13x faster over CPU w/ K5000
  • 27x faster over CPU with Maximus
For Premiere Pro:
  • GPU accelerated Mercury Playback Engine allows for fluid, real-time video editing
  • 8x faster for broadcast and post production editing in MPE
  • GPU accelerated features include 3-way color corrector, warp stabilizer, uninterrupted playback and multi-cam support
  • New support for NVIDIA Quadro SDI
For SpeedGrade:
  • Professional real-time color grading optimized for NVIDIA Quadro
  • Exclusive NVIDIA video display with Quadro SDI
In Photoshop:
  • Mercury Graphics Engine for real-time GPU imaging
  • New blur, wide-angle and liquify effects in GPU-accelerated Mercury Graphics Engine

If I were you, I’d come see the Principal at the NVIDIA Booth, this year at Siggraph 2012.