Ready to get the Unity Certified 3D Artist Certificate?

As a Certified Unity instructor I am required to recertify for Unity 3D Artist Specialization each year. If you are ready to prove your prowess as a 3D Artist for gaming and business simulations I am ready to teach you how.

With the Unity Certified 3D Artist certificate in your tool bag you show that your are qualified as an entry-level 3D Artists that brings visual assets into Unity to populate the “world” of the game or application to execute a key part of the creative vision for the project. Entry-level artists are 3D generalists who contribute to a broad range of tasks in service of the application’s aesthetics, including applying materials and shaders to 3D models, setting up and managing 3D environments, configuring and controlling cameras, and lighting scenes.

Get your certificate and prove to employers or prospective employers that you have the knowledge. It’s time to get yours. I’ve got mine.

The Principal’s Unity Certified 3D Artist badge at Acclaim