After Effects is still the Swiss Army Knife for Digital Media

I recently completed three days of After Effects instruction for my long term contract employer at their west coast location. Future Media Concepts trains employees of major businesses here in southern California at their offices in Irvine. You can come take a class or visit Rodney there for more information. Locate them at 18301 Von Karman Avenue in Suite 570 in Irvine California

After Effects is more than 26 years old, released in 1993. It is a fascinating program within the Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe has kept the initial metaphor of an animation stand and has held true to many of the original interface iconography and default layout. And that is interesting because it proves how well the original application design by the
Company of Science and Art was conceived.

I call it the Swiss Army Knife of Media. It functions uniquely for so many full time jobs and succeeds at everything from motion graphics, rotoscoping and the motion tracking of elements. It’s ability to maintain resolution independence by building shape elements and masks and the high integrity import of it’s sister application, Adobe Illustrator ensure crisp and perfect rasterization of vector art. This means your logo is as sharp as the resolution of the device presenting it.

Students aren’t always aware of the many things this program can do. It is always a surprise to learn more each day and explore the many methods and activities that one can create.

Erica and Blanca from Van’s Shoes corporate.

For the two seasoned digital artists from Vans Shoes in Costa Mesa the experience was one of enlightenment.

This program can be complex and difficult to get used to. Some times we were frustrated and even disappointed.

remembering the frustration.

But by the end we were having a blast.

Join me next time at FMC or at the Academy, right here online or in person. I think you will have a great time. I know you will add to your tool kit. And your skill-set will sharpen greatly with Adobe’s Swiss Army Knife of video, cinema and digital media.

After Effects Training by The Principal


Foster Johnson
The Principal at SFJ Academy.