Adobe InDesign Students, Please Create e-books. Or at Least Use Agri-fiber if You Must Print on Paper

As your career begins and progresses, step ahead and embrace a paperless world. Read Cradle to Cradle and understand the premise by McDonough and Braungart that trees are better left in the ground. Paper is “not a fitting resource to use in producing so humble and transient a substance as paper.”

In a thorough article by Eric Benson in the 2019 CA Typography Annual the concept of agri-based papers such as paper made from sugarcane, bamboo and the byproduct of wheat (straw) should be a design rule for the production of your printed work.

Benson reminds us that in 1975, Business Week predicted that personal computers would reduce the need for paper usage at work. This would be the so-called paperless office. Unfortunately, in 2016, global paper usage increased to 413 metric tons. 50% more than in 1980.

So, what is the cause of such an increase in societies that have been defined by the information age. Population is obvious, but there must be more answers. I am open to hearing your answers and following up on this topic with whatever you come up with. Keep designing with InDesign and keep learning every day at SFJ Academy.

The Principal,
Foster Johnson