Ready to get the Unity Certified 3D Artist Certificate?

As a Certified Unity instructor I am required to recertify for Unity 3D Artist Specialization each year. If you are ready to prove your prowess as a 3D Artist for gaming and business simulations I am ready to teach you how.

With the Unity Certified 3D Artist certificate in your tool bag you show that your are qualified as an entry-level 3D Artists that brings visual assets into Unity to populate the “world” of the game or application to execute a key part of the creative vision for the project. Entry-level artists are 3D generalists who contribute to a broad range of tasks in service of the application’s aesthetics, including applying materials and shaders to 3D models, setting up and managing 3D environments, configuring and controlling cameras, and lighting scenes.

Get your certificate and prove to employers or prospective employers that you have the knowledge. It’s time to get yours. I’ve got mine.

The Principal’s Unity Certified 3D Artist badge at Acclaim

Adobe InDesign Students, Please Create e-books. Or at Least Use Agri-fiber if You Must Print on Paper

As your career begins and progresses, step ahead and embrace a paperless world. Read Cradle to Cradle and understand the premise by McDonough and Braungart that trees are better left in the ground. Paper is “not a fitting resource to use in producing so humble and transient a substance as paper.”

In a thorough article by Eric Benson in the 2019 CA Typography Annual the concept of agri-based papers such as paper made from sugarcane, bamboo and the byproduct of wheat (straw) should be a design rule for the production of your printed work.

Benson reminds us that in 1975, Business Week predicted that personal computers would reduce the need for paper usage at work. This would be the so-called paperless office. Unfortunately, in 2016, global paper usage increased to 413 metric tons. 50% more than in 1980.

So, what is the cause of such an increase in societies that have been defined by the information age. Population is obvious, but there must be more answers. I am open to hearing your answers and following up on this topic with whatever you come up with. Keep designing with InDesign and keep learning every day at SFJ Academy.

The Principal,
Foster Johnson


Learn 3D Interactive Development

Coming in May 2019.

Intro to 3D Interactive Development

Build and configure your very own kitchen design simulator

This workshop features a small scale kitchen configurator in the general style of what can be found on home improvement websites such as Lowes, Ikea, and Home Depot. Participants in this workshop will focus on how to create high quality 3D interactions in Unity in an efficient and optimized way while building this simple, yet sophisticated configurator.

Although this workshop focuses on a project aligned with Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), the skills built will apply to anyone who is looking to understand how to create robust interactive applications in Unity.

Try it now. Click the image below and test the project. This is the exact configurator that you will learn to build in this fun workshop.



Learn How to Build a 3D Game in Unity

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View info about the Unity 3D Game Kit class at SFJ Academy.

3D Game Kit

The Explorer: 3D Game Kit. Is a collection of mechanics, tools, systems and assets to hook up gameplay without writing any code.
Unity provides a three-dimensional world of Ellen and her mission to explore the unknown alien landscape where her dropship has crash landed. Download the project here
Get started with the Quick Start guide. And check back on February 18th for a full series of training modules I’ve developed to help you learn faster and explore all the great possibilities to creat a complete 3D version of Ellen’s mission of your own.